The Best ICARIIN Supplement Just Got Better!

When we create an amazing natural health supplement, we don’t simply move on to the next and forget all about it, we are constantly researching ways in which we can make something that's already great into something even better and that’s exactly what we’ve managed to achieve with our highly appraised icariin 60™ Horny Goat Weed supplement.

The pure 60% icariin Epimedium extract we use to make icariin 60™ is the original time-tested standardized 60% icariin and is, without question, the highest grade of extract available in its class and that’s something which will always be very difficult to improve upon. However, the other ingredient that we've always included in Icariin 60™ in order to improve stabilization of the active icariin flavonoids is Microcrystalline Cellulose (MCC), and over the past 8 months we have been researching and testing various different types of MCC extract stabilizers in terms of how they help to protect and preserve the properties of the all important icariin flavonoid at post-extraction stages.

For obvious reasons we can’t go into to too much detail but in 2012 we discovered a very high-quality type of MCC which under testing has shown to greatly increase the stability levels of the active flavonoid icariin. This increase in stability translates to huge improvements in both the effectiveness and lifespan of the active icariin flavonoids.

It is with this progressive step that we are very proud to announce that the next batch of icariin 60™ Horny Goat Weed to hit the stores will contain the new superior quality MCC agent.

60% icariin itself is a hugely expensive raw material to buy, due to its unique and timely process of extraction it is one of the most costly natural extracts to produce. This factor along with the introduction of the new improved high-end MCC means that in order for us to feasibly continue retailing this amazing natural supplement we will be forced to increase the retail price. The good news is that we've decided to keep this first introductory batch of the new improved Icariin 60™ formula at the same current RRP of $60 per bottle. This introductory 'price-freeze period' will last until December 2013, at which point Icariin 60™ will see an increase in RRP of $10 per bottle.

So when can you get your hands on the new improved batch of icariin 60™, well the answer is right now! Click Here to go to the Icariin 60™ product page.

Previous Customers Please Note: The new high-end MCC agent is pure white in color, thus yielding a different shade in the finished capsule powder (that being a beige color) compared with the previous finished powder which contained a stabilizer agent dark green in color.

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