Tribulus Terrestris Explained

What is Tribulus Terrestris used for:

Tribulus is often used as a male enhancement product, boosting testosterone and in turn increasing libido.

Why do many Tribulus Products NOT Work?

Many of the Tribulus products you find online are Saponins based; these variants are very mild in effect, and often the cause of controlled studies showing little to no benefits from using Tribulus Terrestris.

What to look for when purchasing Tribulus:

Tribulus Terrestris extract is produced in two variants, Protodioscin or Saponins based, the maximum strength of these variants is:

90% Saponins Average Cost $30USD per Kilo
60% Protodioscin Average Cost $450USD per Kilo

Unfortunately, the cost of a genuine 60% Protodioscin based Tribulus extract is far more expensive than Saponins based Tribulus. Therefore you will often find most Tribulus products are simply using Saponins Tribulus labeled as 90% Protodioscin