TKA 1:200

TKA 1:200

2.4% Eurycomanone Tongkat Ali Extract

Natures #1 Testosterone Booster

Standardized 1:200 Tongkat Ali root extract is nature's safest and most effective testosterone booster. Undergoing several independent trials; Tongkat Ali Extract has proven to increase free testosterone levels in healthy males and also men suffering from low testosterone.

Key Features Of TKA 1:200™

  •  Powerful natural testosterone booster
  • Reverses the symptoms of low testosterone
  • Increase in the body's ability to burn fat
  • Increases your ability to build lean muscle
  • Natural PCT testosterone stimulant

Why TKA 1:200™ 

To ensure we produce the finest award winning extract we work in close collaboration with suppliers, selecting the best Indonesian Tongkat Ali root for production. These sustainably sourced chipped Tongkat Ali roots are then transported to Europe where the root undergoes a new extraction process employing High-Performance Liquid Chromatography analysis. The HPLC analysis monitors the extract during the liquid stage to meet our specific requirements before drying. This premium quality extract is unique to TKA 1:200 and only available in TKA 1:200 through World A.B.S or one of our selected retailers.

Our finished Tongkat Ali extract is then encapsulated into XTR DRS™ capsules designed specifically for acid-sensitive ingredients preserving the integrity of the Eurycomanone, only releasing the extract at the correct pH for maximum effect.

  •  HPLC Standardized 2.4% Eurycomanone
  •  DRS Capsules for pH targeted release
  •  Consistent quality and results
  •  100% pure, NO Charcoal smell or taste
  •  Produced in Europe according to cGMP standards
  • Full Certificate of Analysis

Product Spec

Active Ingredients 400mg Tongkat Ali Extract (2.4% Eurycomanone) CofA
Other Ingredients Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose ( Vegetarian Capsule Shell)
Capsule Size 0 (zero)
Capsule Form Vegetarian safe, XTR DSR Duration Release Capsules
Production Certificated GMP Standards
Per Container 90 Capsules (36 grams of 1:200 Tongkat Ali Extract)
Serving Size 1 Capsule
Directions Directions For Use: Take 1 capsule three times daily
Suggested Use For best results spread your capsule intake evenly throughout your day
Common Uses TKA 1:200 is used as a safe effective testosterone boosting supplement, used successfully for PCT aiding the recovery of the body’s own natural testosterone production
Extended Use TKA 1:200 can be used continually for up to 15 weeks, a break period spanning 40% of your chosen on cycle time is recommended, No post cycle therapy is required
Other Information Tongkat Ali (ELJ extract) can considerably increase your libido and sexual activity

Tongkat Ali Extract Color Variation

Tongkat Ali Nomor Depkes Certification