June 01, 2015

ProStack Shipping Delay

Due to overwhelming demand for ProStack in the United States we are currently experiencing a dispatch delay time of approximately 2 weeks on all U.S. ProStack orders. View full article →
August 18, 2014

5M7 XTR™ Upgraded & Rereleased

Our new tweaked 5M7 XTR™ is more effective at improving nitric oxide & oxygen circulation around the body by an additional 2.9% from the previous 5M7 XTR™ and increases overall performance 12%, making an improvement of 2.2% on the previous version. View full article →
July 25, 2013

New Improved Tribulus

Over the past year we've been listening to your product feedback, the main input we received was that you loved our BTT Pro™ but wished it came in higher milligram capsules than the standard 300mg caps.

Our latest batch now comes in a 450mg capsule giving you more for your money. We hope you'll like this product update and keep sending us feedback on how we can further improve our product range.

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May 28, 2013

The Best ICARIIN Supplement Just Got Better!

When we create an amazing natural health supplement, we don’t simply move on to the next and forget all about it, we are constantly researching ways in which we can make something that's already great into something even better and that’s exactly what we’ve managed to achieve with our highly appraised icariin 60™ Horny Goat Weed supplement. View full article →
April 20, 2013

What Supplement Next

At World A.B.S we have always applied a broad spectrum of research when it comes to developing the best supplements and a major part of this research is from listening directly to you the customers and viewers of our website.

So, we are kindly inviting you to make any suggestions as to what type of supplement you would like to see join our prestigious family of products in the near future.

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April 05, 2013

Canadian Orders Now Ship From The USA

If you are a previous 'Canada based' customer of ours you may have noticed recently that we had removed Canada from our Shipping Locations list temporarily whilst we cleared out the remaining stock we had in our Toronto based warehouse. Well now that this process has been fully completed we are pleased to announce that we have begun shipping orders to Canada again, with the key change being that as of the 5th of April 2013 all Canadian orders will be shipped from our Philadelphia warehouse in the USA. View full article →
February 22, 2012

BTT Pro™

Our latest product, the much anticipated BTT Pro™ is now available here at World A.B.S™. As many of you will already know the internet is a wash with cheap, substandard watered down supplements and tribulus is no exception, generating bad press and in-turn ruining the reputation of what is in reality a highly effective supplement. Here at World A.B.S we're about to change all that, we're shaking up the market once again with a pure tribulus product BTT Pro™ weighing in at an incredible 90% Protodioscin. View full article →