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What Separates BTT Pro™ From Other Tribulus

Genuine high quality Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris is very hard to find, only a few farms in Bulgaria harvest this incredible herb. Because of this real Tribulus is limited in availability and extremely difficult to find, very few companies have actually been able to source the raw material direct, and then, take the necessary steps to make the finished product to GMP standards.

It took World A.B.S many months of dedicated research to find a specialist grower of this powerful natural herb and a company that has the technology to standardise the Tribulus to a minimum of 95% Protodioscin.

Many companies will take the easy route and label their product as Bulgarian Tribulus knowing really it's of a poor standard, in many cases blended down to maximise profits. You'll notice our Tribulus costs more than many others on the market, this is because we don't believe in blending down dietary supplements to price beat our competitors. We're here for people who want good quality supplements, and want the confidence of knowing they are buying a genuine product. The very same standards apply to all the supplements we produce.

Product Spec

Active Ingredients 450mg Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris 95% Protodioscin by spectrophotometric assay.
Other Ingredients None
Capsule Size 0 (Zero)
Capsule Form Vegetarian safe capsules
Per Container 90
Serving Size 1 Capsule
Directions Take 3 times daily.
Suggested Use For best results take 5 hours apart.
Common Uses BTT Pro™ is used as a natural bulking supplement.
Extended Use BTT Pro™ can be used continually for up to 120 days.

Key Features Of This Product:

  • Natural Steroidal Compound.
  • Significant increases testosterone.
  • Increases your ability to build lean muscle.
  • Produced to GMP Standards in the United Kingdom.
  • Ground shipping in Europe and the United States.