About World A.B.S™

World A.B.S was born from an obsession for high quality supplements, something that is becoming harder and harder to find. 

After suffering decades of sub-standard supplements we decided to create a business from honest supplements in the hope that there were others out there like ourselves looking for quality products they can trust in, supplements that are what they say on the packet, produced to the highest standards with the finest raw materials.

From the very beginning we knew that the best route to go down is to produce a business model focused on high quality rather than simply trying to swamp the market with as many different cheap products as we could put our name on. The only way to achieve this is by carrying out extensive ingredient research and development, it's only when you take the extra time to tour production plants and speak with the managers of potential raw material suppliers that you learn which producers can meet your expectations and produce the extracts that will make a difference in the market.

Once we had chosen our most prized list of suppliers we then made the quality fueled decision to have the finishing processes completed in the United Kingdom where all our products are both capsulated and bottled to high-end GMP manufacturing standards.

As you will notice from our selective range of products, we don't rush to try and hastily fill every corner of the market; we take our time to present the very best, whilst making sure we never forget our original goal.