TKA 1:200

2.4% Eurycomanone

Tongkat Ali Extract
Tongkat Ali Extract

The Worlds #1 Natural Testosterone Booster

What Is Tongkat Ali Extract?


What Is Tongkat Ali Extract?

Tongkat ali root extract is one of the safest and most effective natural testosterone boosters available today. Tongkat ali has been used for decades by thousands of men worldwide to treat androgen deficiency (low testosterone) and has more recently found a strong foothold in the bodybuilding community thanks to its ability to raise free testosterone levels to the maximum, giving those who take it the rapid muscle gains that today's elite bodybuilders seek out.

How Tongkat Ali Works

A premium quality tongkat ali extract contains many active compounds, we have listed a handful of these important compounds below:

  • Eurycomanone
  • 13α,21-Dihydroeurycomanone
  • 13α(21)-Epoxyeurycomanone
  • 13 β-Methyl, 21-dihydroeurycomanone
  • 12,15-Diacetyl-13α(21)-epoxyeurycomanone
  • 1β,12α,15β-Triacetyleurycomanone

These active compounds work in unison to stimulate the pituitary gland, increasing testosterone production, reduce estrogen and block the negative feedback signal that would normally halt testosterone production in its tracks.


Free Testosterone

Suffering From Low Testosterone?

Or Looking For a T-Boost!

Sex Drive & ED

Low levels of free testosterone can be the primary cause of low sex drive, oligospermia and erectile dysfunction in men.

Muscle & Body Fat

In conjunction with a healthy diet and intense exercise, an increased availability of free testosterone can help build muscle while decreasing stored body fat.

Mood & Depression

Low testosterone can affect mood, depression, and energy levels, leaving some people feeling depressed and lacking the sense of happiness they once enjoyed.

Learn More About The Effects of Testosterone


For men, testosterone has many health benefits, including sufficient sperm production and high sex drive; testosterone also helps build and maintain muscle mass as well as burning excess body fat.

Unfortunately, in men, testosterone production decreases with age; if your testosterone levels fall below 300 ng/dL (nanograms per deciliter), you are likely to suffer the effects of low testosterone, also known as androgen deficiency.
Symptoms of low testosterone are often subtle and can be mistaken for a natural part of aging. Those symptoms include:

  • Erectile Disfunction
  • Low Sex Drive
  • Fatigue / Lack of Energy
  • Loss of Muscle Mass
  • An increase in Body Fat
  • Depression and Mood Changes

TKA 1:200 Users

  • Before discovering tongkat ali, I found myself slowly working through a variety of health products one by one in a desperate attempt to manage my mild bouts of depression and not-so-mild or infrequent ED.

    A friend recommended tongkat ali for my depression. It quickly became apparent that both of the symptoms mentioned above were caused by low testosterone. Being in my mid-forties, I did wonder about my testosterone levels, but like many men before me, I had been putting that visit to the doctor off in fear of bad news.

    I now take two TKA capsules per day Monday through Friday and have the weekends off, this controls my testosterone level excellently. I have more energy, am happier than I have been in years, and am fully functioning in all departments. I use the extra energy to jog on alternate days, and thanks to the exercise, I have also lost some of the additional weight I was carrying.

    Finding the confidence to visit my doctor, I asked for a general check over and explained my situation. We scheduled blood tests for testosterone and cholesterol levels every quarter, and I am happy to confirm that my testosterone levels have been 690 ng/dL to 970 ng/dL. I have been told these are healthy levels. Additionally, I have slightly high cholesterol, but for a man in his mid-forties who spent a large part of his adult life depressed and pigging out on junk foods, I am hardly surprised.

    Martin Thompson

    Oxford - England - United Kingdom

  • I have been using tongkat ali extract since 2006, and it is safe to say my experiences has been varied over the years.

    Before the advent of HPLC standardized extract, the actual testosterone boosting effects of tongkat ali would vary from batch to batch. This made it almost impossible for me to judge the dosages. For example, when using traditional extract, on the first bottle, I might require two capsules per day, but on the next batch, I might need five capsules to have the same effect.

    At first, I assumed it was me. I thought I was becoming resistant to the extract. Then I would take a break, and the next batch might be more effective or around the same. It became very confusing.

    Since using your HPLC standardized extract, I realized that it was the quality of the traditional extract, not my body, that was causing this huge fluctuation in effectiveness. Thankfully I have been able to maintain a consistent dosage and results with your extract.

    At this point, you are probably wondering why I am writing this email. I simply wanted to let you know, as a long term tongkat ali user, I appreciate the care and attention you give to product quality, keep up the good work.

    Brandon Smolik

    San Diego - California - United States

  • I've been lifting for many years but recently hit a wall in my progress. I was lifting hard and eating well but seemed to be maintaining not gaining, because of this I was on the hunt for a little something to get me back into the game.

    Reading through the November issue of FLEX Bodybuilding Magazine they tested and reviewed your product TKA 1:200 giving it great praise, it looked like just the product I was looking for, I went online and purchased three bottles from one of your official resellers.

    I decided to take TKA 1:200 with pH Creatine, branch chain amino acids and of course lots of protein shakes accompanied by six meals per day. Within the first seven days, I was not noticing much from the tongkat ali extract and began to wonder if it would live up to the hype. Thankfully around day eight, I started to notice my energy level increase, along with a moderate strength increase that continued to rise over the coming months. After week three I was lifting more, recovering faster and steadily put on seven kilos of muscle over a three month period, which in my opinion is smashing through that wall, I had previously hit.

    One thing I really like about tongkat ali is the fact that when I stopped taking it, my testosterone level didn't drop off a cliff, it slowly fell back to normal. I would say it was about eight days after finishing my cycle that I noticed my testosterone level had dropped to the point I was no longer gaining weight as fast or recovering as easy.

    I will be ordering another three bottles soon for my second cycle. Awesome product.

    Stefano Conchie

    Dubai Marina - Dubai - UAE

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TKA 1:200 The Best Togkat Ali Extract

2.4% Eurycomanone

Tongkat Ali extract contains several bioactive compounds that control testosterone production, reduce estrogen and increase the availability of free testosterone in your body.

World A.B.S - 2.4% Eurycomanone, Tongkat Ali Extract utilizes these key active compounds at an optimized ratio to safely increase testosterone production and maximize free testosterone availability.

Safety, Standards & Quality

Safety, Standards & Quality

Our finished extracts are independently tested by SGS UK to ensure they meet our strict specifications for global safety standards. Click Here to view the latest Certificate of Analysis for 2.4% Eurycomanone Tongkat Ali Extract.

DRS - The Perfect Delivery

DRS - The Perfect Delivery

Many of the active compounds found in Tongkat Ali extract are acid sensitive, making their oral bioavailability around 7% to 12%.

When administered in standard capsule form, the bioavailability of Eurycomanone rises to around 45%. While using DRS (Delayed Release System) Capsules designed purposely for acid-sensitive ingredients, the bioavailability rises to around 90%.

Learn More About Delayed-Release Capsules


Water Extracted

HPLC Standardized

2.4% Eurycomanone



Per size 0 (zero) capsule

Active ingrediantsAMT

Tongkat Ali extract (2.4% Eurycomanone)400mg

Other ingrediantsAMT

HMPC (Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose)capsule shell


plus-imageIs Tongkat Ali extract safe?

Yes, Tongkat Ali Extract is safe to use, but as always, we recommend speaking with your doctor (physician) before taking any dietary supplements if you are prone to allergies or already taking pharmaceutical medication(s) for a pre-existing condition.

plus-image Foods to avoid when taking Tongkat Ali

It is wise to avoid any foods known to suppress testosterone production or reduce free testosterone availability. For more information, please read our article Foods That Effect Hormonal Balance.

plus-imageCan I adjust the Tonkgat Ali dosage?

Yes, you can adjust the dosage to suit your needs. For example, if you suffer from low testosterone and wish to use TKA 1:200 to raise or control your testosterone level, you may find it easier to reduce the dosage to one or two capsules per day (400mg–800mg) taken for four or five consecutive days followed by two to three days without the Tongkat Ali. When taken it in this manner, Tongkat Ali can be used indefinitely.

Bodybuilders looking for a substantial testosterone increase often take three capsules daily (1200mg) for fourteen consecutive days with a two to three day off period in between. This can be sustained for a maximum of twelve weeks continuously with a four-week break period recommended post-cycle.