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    Do it now before it's too late

    My only regret with this product is that I didn't find it sooner.

    I've been having major problems in relationships for a while as I can't "get it up" when needed . I've been taking icariin60 for 3 weeks and I'm now performing with 100% consistency, feeling happier than ever. If you have this problem too, then get this product. The sooner the better is all I can say.

    Impressive for muscle building

    Using this icariin extract for my weight training. Massively impressed so far, I'm having much better workouts at the gym than ever before, I hope things continue in this positive manner. Thanks for helping me achieve my goals so far.

    Icariin & Testosterone

    I bought this icariin supplement for the sole reason of boosting up both my serum testosterone and my free-testosterone levels. I had my serum T and Free-T tested a year ago and they were both at the very bottom end of normal, which explained my lack of energy and lack of sex drive.

    I have now taken icariin60 Horny Goat Weed for a straight 4 months and then got my serum T and Free-T tested again. My testosterone is up 50% and my Free-T is also up by 43% compared to last year.

    People debate what herbs work for increasing levels of testosterone but there's no debate for me, my blood tests state the facts, this stuff works and it works very well. If you want higher levels of testosterone then 60% icariin is an essential natural solution. Thanks guys, you gave me exactly what I wanted.

    I've been giving it to the wife too!

    I've been taking icariin 60 for quite some time. I tried to keep it a secret from the wife but the top-drawer doesn't live up to that level of secrecy (as I've learned) and so eventually putting my socks away she discovered that I was taking icariin 60 for sexual reasons.

    Anyway the reaction wasn't as bad as I had first thought it would be ~ she initially laughed and cracked some jokes with me, then she started taking it herself!

    Good thing is that she is now also a horny little devil too, bad thing is that my supply gets used up way quicker than before haha

    P.S. please can you print 'For Men Only' on the bottle somewhere in order to save us guys some money from their wives stealing our supply of icariin 60!

    Best potency there is

    I've learned that messing around with half-baked libido supplements doesn't get you too far, took me a while to learn that lesson too.

    This Horny Goat Weed is the best potency I've had the fortune of trying, 60% icariin is bang on the mark, I needed this badly, my sexual prowess has returned to it's rightful home ;)

    Too exclusive?

    I really like this product but I'm perplexed as to why I can't buy this particular product at this website along with some of your other supplements as a bundle order. I always have to buy it from your authorized retailer that you link through to, which is fine, but then I'm waiting for multiple parcels in the mail.

    Exclusivity is good but there is such a thing as being too exclusive. Nonetheless I love the product itself.

    Lost a ton of weight on this

    After a visit to my family doctor recently for my annual 'once over' it was noted to me that I'm becoming a bit of a fatty. For my age and height I was meant to be around 170 lbs but was packing a drastic 200 lbs, it's slowly crept up on me, I had convinced myself that t-shirt manufactures were making clothes smaller than in previous years but it was just me getting fatter and it took a doctor for me to wake up and smell the coffee.

    OK so here's for the silver lining to my chubby cloud. I didn't change my diet as such because I eat really well, I get lots of variety, fruit, veg and different meats and fish so I wasn't going to start eating unhealthy just to drop some pounds. Instead I've started walking to and from work and have been taking icariin 60 capsule on a daily basis.

    And so; 6 months into this regime and I'm now at 166 lbs, I can't believe it! All my clothes that were getting too small are now too big for me! It's turning into an expensive little venture as now I'm going to have to completely overhaul my wardrobe haha

    Don't know what it is in this product that helps me burn up my calories so well, but I swear by it after this result.

    Bodybuilding made easier

    Icariin60 seems to of given me benefits in all areas of bodybuilding, I'm more game for it pre workout, stronger on my lifts and my muscle repair time between workouts has been reduced too.

    I'd recommend it to any bodybuilder, seasoned or unseasoned, bulk or lean, it'll help you get to where you're aiming to be at a much faster rate.

    Helps me compete

    I compete in long distance road cycling events, have done for the last 8 years of my life. Sometimes we need to take things in order to keep up to our peak performance, a good diet is always key but often even that can't quite keep you ahead of the pack.

    I've just completed a 6 month trial of this supplement. Purpose for taking was to improve my endurance and stamina, especially so on cycles with a lot of hill climbs.

    It's working wonders on me so far. I've cut a lot of my previous lap-times down and am ranking a lot better overall. It's good to know that there are still things available that work on stamina to this extent.

    Hello again morning wood...

    Couldn't remember the last time I'd had morning erections, I'd forgot that they even existed then something reminded me of them and it dawned on me that I had not felt that for 2 years or more.

    I could still get it up for sex but not for as long as before. I decided to pick up some of this from the icariinhealth shop online. Fast forward a couple of weeks and hey presto I'm waking up with wood again. Now it's almost every morning and I'm only on my 3rd week of this icariin therapy.

    Didn't do much for my chronic anxiety

    I'm a long-term sufferer of anxiety attacks. I thought I'd give this icariin a go as I've tried pretty much everything else. Didn't notice much difference after my first month, I'll take it for another 2 months and revaluate, fingers crossed.

    Screw marriage counselling, just buy some of this instead!

    I'm not going to use my real name on this review because my wife is crafty and she'll no doubt figure it out haha

    Basically my wife and I have been having some serious intimacy issues, mainly due to me lacking in my bedroom capabilities in recent years. She had us both going to marriage counselling as she was on the brink of getting a divorce, not at all good to hear after 15 years of marriage.

    That spurred me on to start trying some diets and supplements. One of my pals said he was using something called Horny Goat Weed and said it's working really good for his sex drive. I din't consider it initially but then one day I found myself doing some serious research on natural sex booster extracts and came across this super strength Horny Goat Weed supplement. Couldn't resist with being desperate to save my marriage. I started taking this icariin60 in November 2015 and haven't looked back since. The wife is once again happy with me, I'm much happier with myself and life is good again, plus I no longer have to fork out for the annoying marriage counselling sessions she had us going to every week. Total win win situation.

    Nitric oxide and testosterone both on the up n' up

    Never really tried a product that simultaneously boots both testosterone levels and nitric oxide levels and so I really didn't know what t expect, but given a bit of time I've learnt that this pure icariin product is really really effective.

    Initially I noticed that I could get a solid erection much faster, it used to take me a good 10 minutes+ to get properly hard but now I'm back to being able to get solid in under a minute. From what I know, that's the boost in nitric oxide flow doing its thing.

    Next up was the marked increase in my actual interest in sex from the boost in free testosterone levels. I could go days in the past where I didn't even get a single urge to have sex. But now I'm back to me daily urges to get laid. Granted it's not the same as it was when I was 19 years old when I found it hard to think about anything other than sex, but being 45 I'm more than happy to have back the strong urge to have sex on a daily basis.

    Perfect for my sex issues and I don't have to see a doctor to get it.

    So pleased that I've finally found something that can actually help with my low sex drive and erectile dysfunction problems, something that I don't have the hassle of taking time off of work to go see my doctor and beg for further prescriptions. Ahhh my life just got a whole lot easier. nice one!

    Best female libido booster I've tried yet!

    I wasn't sure if this icariin extract would work for me being a woman, it seems to work more for men from reading around on the web, but how wrong I was.

    I started off taking just one capsule a day for 2 weeks, felt good, then I upped it to 2 capsules a day and my libido has rocketed up to Jupiter :)

    I'll keep with 2 capsules per day as I don't think my hubby could handle me on the full 3 caps a day :D

    my review

    Only been using it for one week, but it's working real fast. I love it!

    Awesome for muscle mass

    In conjunction with my protein shakes I use this 60% icariin horny goat weed product.

    I remember when I was 22 and started wight training, did it for 2 years straight but didn't really build much muscle. was just taking protein shakes at the time.

    Now I'm 34 and have got back into muscle building over the last year. taking both the protein shakes and this 60% icariin I can honestly say that in the last 6 months I've made more progress in muscle mass than I did in 2 years in my early 20's. I can only put it down to taking this supplement. Can't fault it.

    I can't swallow capsules

    This is not my review of the product itself but more the fact that I can't swallow capsules very well, no matter how small, so I have to empty the powder out of each cap. Would be easier if I could just buy a bottle of icariin 60 powder from you, so could be something you might do for me...

    Fantastic product, thanks!

    My physician recommended icariin60 capsules to me for my ED issues. I'd been down the the prescription route for many months but wanted something less harsh than those things.

    Given it 5 stars as it's addressed my ED more than I thought it would, really pleased for this product so thanks very much.

    Have a good Christmas guys...


    Didn't know if it was going to work for my health issues as I'm proven to be a tough cookie to crack, but I have to hand it to this icariin extract, it's done very well indeed.

    Why won't you ship icariin60 to me in South Africa?

    I love this icariin 60 horny goat weed, when it comes natural sex boosters it's the best thing since sliced bread.

    BUT why won't your retailer ship to South Africa?? I always have to get my relatives back in the UK to take delivery of it for me and then have them ship it down to me in South Africa, kind of frustrating after a while.

    Anyway I will be ordering a huge batch of it and getting it shipped down to me by my uncle again. Just wish I could get it direct!

    Really good supp for bodybuilders like myself

    Been bodybuilding for 14 years now so I know my supps pretty darn well. This brand of icariin extract is one of the top natural t-boosters you'll get your hands on without breaking any laws. It's a definite staple in my stack.

    Finally getting my sex life back

    A couple of years ago I started taking a drug for men who are going bald called finasteride, however after about 12 months of taking that drug I completely lost all my sex drive and could not get an erection anymore, literally even if I was with a 10/10 lady I could not get hard no matter what she did.

    I quit taking finasteride 8 months ago in hopes of getting my sex life, I was eating all the right stuff an doing plenty of exercise, got myself in really good shape but still my sex life was no better.

    From reading on one of the balding guys forums I read about a guy who was going through the same thing since quitting finasteride and he had taken this icariin60 supplements for a couple of months and got his erections back, so I was more than happy to give it a go.

    I'm very happy to say that icariin60 has also worked for me, it was the final jigsaw to this puzzle I got myself into, things are going great for me now sex life wise, I'm super grateful for this product as I'd hit rock bottom 8 months ago.

    Very good pre-workout supplement

    As advised by one of my pals at my gym, I started using icariin 60 prior to hitting the weights, only been using it for one month now and am experiencing some really nice strength gains and increased muscle mass.

    I'll defo be sticking with it, I'll let you know my progress in a couple of months from now.

    Brought my libido right back up

    I had been taking a medication for the past 3 years which had gradually diminished my libido... that's the end for me and meds :) thankfully your Horny Goat Weed extract has brought my libido right back up to a good level again, as to be perfectly honest I was feeling very desperate, until I got on this icariin60 product. I'm going to recommend you guys on the forums for the people who were on the same meds as I was suffering from the same loss of libido.

    No comparison

    This icariin 60 Horny Goat Weed is not like any other regular Horny Goat Weed I've ever had before. The other ones I had before were all 10% or 20% icariin standardized extracts but this 60% standardized is on a whole other level entirely.

    Libido levels massively increased. - check.
    Distance running stamina improved. - check.
    Self-confidence returned. - check.

    This is my all-in-one supplement now, ticked all the boxes I required. arrivederci!

    My Wife Loves You Guys

    Compliments to the chef! Icariin60 is amazing, all the benefits a man could want with none of the side effects that the blue pill was giving me.

    My wife is greatly appreciative too as she says: "her wild sex beast has returned", she now has no problem in thinking what to buy me for my birthday and Christmas gifts!

    All the best - Carl from Quebec City, Canada

    Works great but USPS didn't press my door buzzer so got it late!

    This supplement for sure works better than any other Horny Goat Weed product I have tried before, for men's health this is the one you are going to need. It's knocked a good 20 years off of me in terms of how sexually and physically active I am (I'm 50 and performing like I'm 30 year old again).

    One annoying thing is that the USPS delivery guy never pressed my door buzzer when he tried to deliver the parcel and so he took it back to the local post office, I was actually in on the day he tried to deliver it so not sure why he didn't press my door buzzer. Small thing, yes, but quite annoying because I start work early and finish fairly late so I couldn't get to use the product until the following weekend when I was able to collect it.

    Sex Drive Fixed : ED Almost Fixed

    I purchased icariin 60 entirely for my diminishing sex life.

    When you lose the motivation to take care of your lady in the sack it's no joke at all, low libido led me to feel half the man I used to feel like, meaning that I was avoiding having sex, feeling pretty useless overall. Also it's even worse when on the odd day that you do have some sexual motivation you can't get an erection, wouldn't wish it on anyone.

    Icariin60 has helped me out on a grand scale, after 1 month of usage I had all my sex drive back and after 3 months use I can pretty much gain a good erection whenever prompted, only having the rare occasion where I still can't quite get it hard enough to do the job. Good thing is that the ED benefits seem to be getting stronger the longer I take this icariin60 so hopefully in another couple of months or so I can get 100% back on form with my erections.

    I've not had any side effects at all on this supplement, it seems really gentle in that respect, so overall I'm really pleased and will definitely be recommending this supp to others suffering from the same thing. I'm smiling again and you can't put a price on that.

    Wish I'd Got On It Sooner

    I'm a regular at the gym, lean muscle has always been my aim, very cliche but it is the Brad Pitt Fight Club body that I've always aspired to.

    3 years ago I hit wall in my progression, being 35 at the time I put it down to approaching middle-age but either way it sucked as I was committing the same amount of time to the gym but not gaining the same level of progression, instead just simply maintaining what I already had which was a great lean muscular body.

    Already having a great diet I figured the next step was some great supplements so after having a good read round and spending a while on the bodybuilding forums I found out about 60% icariin Horny Goat Weed caps and went straight for them. The reason I really liked the sound of this supplement is that not only does it sort out the good use of testosterone hormones but it also works on nitric oxide levels too so it was a win win.

    I'm now 6 months in using 60% icariin caps and I usually take a week or 2 off between each month just to let my body recalibrate if required, but heck the results in terms of my progression are awesome! It only took a couple of weeks of taking this supplement for me to break through my progression block and since then I'm fully back on track. Feeling fully ripped and ready for this coming summer.

    To be honest I wish I had started taking icariin years ago as when it comes to bodybuilding I've learnt that a healthy diet is great, but a good diet along with great supplement is tenfold better.

    Works a charm

    Have no quibbles in giving this icariin supplement my 2 thumbs up. My performance both in the bedroom and in my day to day life have vastly improved, I feel more motivated to go out and do things, ton more confidence and a spring my step to boot!

    Just what I was after!

    I'd heard about how good this icariin extract was and figured I would have to bite the bullet and look outside the four walls of Australia to get the best stuff.

    The capsules are easy to swallow and don't leave a nasty after taste so that's always a good thing in book. Sexually I have regained my craving to have intercourse and when I am doing so I feel far more enthusiastic and powerful. Where as before I used to slump from position to position, now I take control a lot more.

    I haven't been to the gym for quite a while but I'm going to start up again and see if I can reap the benefits of this extract on that tilt as well.

    I won't hesitate to continue using this extract, it's one of very few that has actually helped me out.

    (This is a review of my 4 weeks on this icariin extract to date)

    icariin 60 = sex machine

    I knew, or at least I thought I knew what to expect from taking Horny Goat Weed extract, I say this as I've taken my fair share of the 10% and 20% icariin extracts in the past and received a decent boost in my sex drive, however this 60% strength Horny Goat Weed has changed what I previously thought I knew about this herb, it's a whole different quality of extract compared to the lower percentages and I say this because I feel a truckload more sex drive than I ever remember having.

    A Bodybuilders wet dream

    I've been using icariin 60 for about 4 months for the purpose of giving me extra power with my lifts, I know that testosterone is crucial with bodybuilding and this icariin 60% extract gives me a heavy boost in T-levels but heck what I didn't realize I didn't realise how much increased nitric oxide signaling would play a part in my stamina with weight lifting... best way to summarize it is that Icariin60 to me is like what spinach is to Popeye...


    Guys I love this icariin 60 supplement! It's extremely effective and does wonders for me like no other, however I also buy some of your other products too and I wish I could have this icariin 60 shipped to me from this website in the same package as my other World A.B.S supplements, as it would save me some money.

    So I'm being harsh with my star rating but if icariin 60 starts shipping domestic in Australia either from this website or from icariinhealth.com then I will retract my low rating :)

    I Wish I'd Found This Product A While Ago

    After trying a whole bunch of Horny Goat Weed products (some poor, some fairly good) I eventually found this icariin 60, after being on it for just a week I soon realized just how much it had wiped the floor compared to all the other products, not sure what makes it so potent as I've tried other 60% icariin extracts and had no where near the results I've had with this one.

    With myself being of a pedantic nature, one thing I will suggest is to (if possible) make the capsule dosage 2 caps per day rather than 3 caps per day, just for the sake of being somewhat more convenient.

    One Word > Splendid

    You chaps have hit the nail on the head with this horny goat weed extract, therefore I decided to make the effort and give it a quick review.

    Essentially it has put a large helping of 'zest' back into my marriage and besides just myself, my wife has also been taking it too, and likewise she is also enjoying a nice hefty boost in her sex drive.

    Thank you kindly

    Working brilliantly for my low libido problem. I take 1 capsule in the morning and then 2 capsules in the evening (not quite as directed however it's working great!) danke schön

    Good Wood!

    It took some days to build up in my system then it started to work great. I've tried a lot of natural alternatives to date but none were quite as effective as this. I would definitely recommend for those suffering from ED.


    I bought this as per a recommendation by my doctor as I have low bone density and icariin is meant to be good for improving such a situation.

    I live in NZ, my order came from the UK and just arrived today. It only took a week to get here which was fast, as I though it might take at least a couple of weeks via Royal Mail.

    I've only just started my 6 month course of icariin60 and so I will be back on here in another 6 months time to give my verdict.

    looking leaner and meaner

    I'd heard it was a good supplement for bodybuilding and the rate in which I've been gaining lean muscle mass and shedding pounds is astonishing, I'm sure my testosterone levels have shot up, something I will check on soon. I haven't felt this pumped physically and mentally since I was in my early 20's


    Not cheap but worth it

    Picked up a 4 month bulk pack from icariinhealth.com as according to my doc I had lowering nitric oxide levels which was causing my to have trouble getting 'solid wood'. I'm now half way through my 4 month supply and my wood is once again solid as oak! Not a cheap supplement (hence the 4 stars rather than the full 5) but for me has been worth every cent.

    Made me more horny!

    I noticed it made me more horny, and better erections. I only 1 bottle, but I want to buy a few months worth as well as the tongkat ali and tribulus product and stack them all together. that should be a wild ride!

    Best so far

    Purchased this for reasons of a sexual nature. I've tried many different supplements, drinks, vitamins, foods etc. you name it I've tried it... however to date, this product is proving to be the most effective for me by far.

    This stuff's rocket fuel

    Was having too many flimsy gym days where I was feeling like a wet lettuce with no energy and not strength at all, but this pure icariin extract has put a stop to that. I've been taking this stuff quite a while (6 months) and the progress of my last 6 months on, in terms of lean muscle building have been greater than that of the 18 months before that. Way more power on the job and rapid recovery to boot.

    The gift that keeps on giving

    I decided to buy some icariin60 for my husband as one of his Christmas gifts, yes a somewhat cruel hint I agree but nonetheless he's not one to be easily offended and as expected he took it like a champ.

    The good thing about a gift like this is that we both feel the benefit :) Will be back for more for his birthday in Feb...


    No problems with the product whatsoever, me and the rest of my hockey team use it regularly for added endurance and aggression. It's one of few endurance boosting supplements that we all agree on, but another thing we all agree on is that the shipping cost to Canada is a bit steep as you insist on sending everything by rapid tracked mail, not a bad thing but would be nice to have the option of a cheaper slower mail service too. Well anyway I will be making sure to fill my bags next time I'm in the States haha

    Sex booster in a bottle

    Last year my sexual prowess kind of well... fell off the map, I'm talking making excuses for not wanting to have sex with my lady due to lack of drive and also lack of ability to maintain a good strong erection.

    Being only 35 years old I was in a bit of a panic about this to be honest, so I started looking around for solutions, hit the docs and got some Cialis ED pills, great now I have my erections back for a small number of hours but still no sex drive so things were by no means 'back to normal', I then tried some ginseng and some maca root extracts to gain back my (once strong) sex drive, however didn't see much in the way of results.

    I then grabbed a couple of months worth of 10% icariin Horny Goat Weed tablets from my local health foods shop (good job I'm not easily embarrassed). From those tablets I found some relief and started to regain some libido back, so being on a good track with the Horny Goat Weed I took an interest and began reading up in detail up about how it works and about its active ingredient icariin, that's when I stumbled on this 60% icariin supplement.

    After a month of using this icariin 60 I am thankful to say that my sex drive levels are fully restored, but here's the icing on the cake, I have also managed to stop taking the Cialis pills altogether, so it's been a total win win, happy days indeed! - And to think I was going to 'cut a long story short' with this here review, guess that went out of the window!


    Cracking bit of kit! These icariin 60% caps have boosted my free t-levels back up to a good healthy level... so back to getting my beast-on at the gym :) happy days!

    Versatile Supplement

    Found this icariin to be a very versatile supplement. It has helped me in various ways, those being energy in my day-to-day goings on, increased stamina with my sports, definite improvement with sexual activity and a feeling of increased confidence as a concluding result.

    I'll be giving it a good long trial run into 2014 so I'll keep y'all posted on the long-term results in due course.

    Brilliant Product.

    I decided to buy icariin 60 for it’s great reputation in the area of libido enhancement, I am very pleased with my purchase (bought mine from www.icariinhealth.com). After a couple of weeks I’m noticing much stronger erections, in turn this has increased my confidence which has lead to me craving a lot more sex, it’s definitely nice to have that ‘bring it on’ feeling back again.

    Nitric Oxide Pump

    Opted to use this supplement for my bodybuilding sessions, mainly because icariin is well known to increase the levels of Nitric Oxide and I basically wanted to speed up my recovery between sessions and reduce my muscle fatigue when I'm in mid-session at the gym>>top notch results!

    Another great thing I noticed when taking this icariin extract was something I like to call the 'bodybuilders orgasm' or as formally known 'muscle pump'. I've certainly been having a nice extra serving of muscle pump post-workout, ripping it up, awesome.

    Good Icariin.

    Good icariin supp, once it kicked in I felt like a new man, well a younger man at least ha! Very pleased take good care .EC.

    60% Icariin Is A Must Buy

    I've been on the hunt for some good quality pure icariin for a while as it was suggested to me by my physician, so when I clocked this 60% icariin I had to buy.
    I didn't buy it from you guys directly but instead had my local health store buy some in for me as they often do that for me with supplements they don't have stocked.
    The benefits I've gained have been tremendous to say the least and so I've since re-visited my health store and highly recommended that they stock this icariin product. They've said they will be contacting you very soon regarding this, that's my way of saying thanks :)

    Top Marks

    So far, so good, my desire to have sex is definitely back on top form and my erections seem to be following suit, I've only been taking it for 2 weeks so if this continues in the same direction then I will be revisiting your website to leave a 5-star review and buy some more of this icariin!

    Awesome Stuff

    This icariin 60% extract is simply awesome, very pleased I found it, as since taking it I feel I've found myself once more!

    Icariin Aggression!

    It's a great supplement and is serving me very well for my sexual needs, I'm on my second month and the effects seem to be getting more substantial week by week.

    One thing I have noticed is that I have slight raised aggression sometimes, which I'm guessing stems from the increased free-circulating testosterone delivery, but it's only noticeable within myself anyway so it's no biggie.

    Gets Expensive Without Domestic Shipping

    Tried them all and non of the other icariin based supplements on offer come close to this icariin 60, it's a top quality extract for sure, only reason I'm not giving you 5 stars is because you no longer do domestic shipping to Canada so I have to pay a fair lot for shipping, either way though I will still buy it, just please do domestic shipping to Canada again, I beg you!!

    A Well Deserved 5 Stars

    Giving this product 5 stars on the basis that I've been taking it for over 6 months and now that I've tried the new improved formula (for the last month) these icariin capsules are even more effective for me, amazing!

    Quick Thanks Guys

    This is quite something, I've been using this icariin 60 stuff for about a week now and feel what I can only describe as the sexual vigour of my teen years.
    I had to come and recommend this to anyone out there looking for something safe and natural that will keep the wife happy!
    Brilliant product, I will be singing your praises for a long time to come.
    All the best,

    Norway Shipping Please?

    Ive been using Icariin 60 for quite some time now, I love the stuff! However I recently moved to Norway from the UK and I went order some today and realised you guys don't ship to Norway, which means I will have to either have it shipped to Sweden and go pick it up, or wait till im next in the UK and grab a load to bring back with me, bit gutted to be honest.

    Can't Beat 60% Icariin

    Been wanting to get a high purity icariin product for a while and I did a good weeks worth of shopping around and reading up on various icariin based supps. Eventually I decided on some this icariin 60 goat weed, my research paid off, enough said!

    Improved My Stamina Vastly

    Bought some for my kick boxing training, my pal was raving about it so I decided to jump on his train, very glad I made that decision, my level of focus and all-out stamina is vastly improved, let's just hope I don't get in the ring with the guy who recommended it in the first place haha

    Vegetarian User

    I had been wanting a vegetarian friendly Horny Goat Weed for a while and found this product, I like it! Seasons greetings from Finland

    Best Quality HGW Yet

    Tried a fair few HGW based supps over the years, this is by far the best quality one of the lot so far.

    Used mainly for a much need stamina and performance boost in road cycling but now equally so for my sex health since ive felt the benefits there too, two birds with one stone!

    Even Better

    I know the extract in this newer product is the same as the old MDA Supps extract that came in the silver packet , but now I'm using this new version and I'm getting even more benefit for my sexual arousal than I did ever from the silver packet version, not sure why that is, but hey it's defo a major plus for me :)

    Very Pleased

    I am 65 years old and have been lifting for a while, currently following a routine from Pavel, doing as many 3 rep sets of my 5 rep max as I can, lifting only twice a week..

    Last Sunday I was able to do 9 sets of my press. The icariin 60 came on Tuesday morning. On Thursday I was able to do 15 sets of my press'. Yesterday I upped the weight by @ 10 per cent and was able to do 7 sets. Quite an increase in less than one week.

    Sexually, I don't know. A close relative of my wife just died, so she has definitely not been in the mood. @ weeks from now we are going away for a nice vacation. I'm expecting BIG things. I'll let you know.

    On My Third Month Soon

    I've been a fan of NO booster supplements for a number of years so I'm always on the look out for products like this. I picked up this Icariin 60 back in March and began my first month cycle, defiantly feeling much more fired up when I'm training both in terms of muscles and my mind set too, I'll be starting my third month soon, hoping for continued boost ups!

    Helps with ED

    I used Horny Goat Weed in the past, it helped me sexually so I thought I would try this stronger variant that is for bodybuilding. It increased my sex drive like nothing I have used before.

    I would recommend this to anyone suffering from E.D or low sex drive.

    I can't say about bodybuilding as I don't train, sorry.


    Been taking this for about 6 months as a replacement to a pre training supplement called NO-Xplode and its great, I still get the same energy for my session and the muscle expanding pump I was used to but without the stomach issues that NO-Xpload gave me.

    .ps Glad to see you have product reviews up and running, its always good to share experiences.

    My 'Go-To' Supplement

    This icariin supp. is a godsend for me. My performance both in the bedroom arena and on the soccer field have been taken to the next level, this stuff has firmly taken top place as my 'go to' supplement.

  • 60% Icariin Capsules The Ultimate Performance Booster

    We spent well over a year negotiating an exclusive contract with M.D.A Supplements Co. for their world renowned superior quality 60% icariin Horny Goat Weed extract. Our patience paid off giving us sole rights to their award winning extract, enabling us to take what was already by far the best Horny Goat Weed product on the market and refine it to be even better. We are very pleased to bring you the supreme ICARIIN 60 Horny Goat Weed supplement, giving you the power to outperform.

    What Is Icariin

    Icariin is the active element within the Epimedium plant species, known commercially as Horny Goat Weed. The special characteristic of icariin which sets Horny Goat Weed apart from any other natural extract on the market, is its ability to boost the two crucial areas of performance, simultaneously. When extracted to high 'standardized' purities, icariin is both an exceptionally powerful natural 'Nitric Oxide Booster' and 'Testosterone Booster', proven to increase the successful transmission of nitric oxide while simultaneously raising circulating levels of 'free' testosterone.

    How Can Icariin 60 Benefit You

    Horny Goat Weed at the 'standardized' rating of 60% icariin purity, is both a very rare and expensive high-strength grade of Epimedium plant extract, offering unique sexual health benefits and athletic performance benefits which simply cannot be obtained from lower grades of Horny Goat Weed extract. The increased blood delivery around the body resulting from the boost in nitric oxide and the improved levels of 'free' testosterone obtained from icariin of this quality, feeds the body with the energy and the drive required to perform both sexually and athletically.

    When involved in any form of intense physical activity and/or mental endurance, performance means everything. We all require the peace of mind that on the days when we need all that energy available, it is there for the taking and can be utilized effectively and efficiently. When you undergo any form of intense physical activity on a regular basis you will often notice both short-term and long-term periods when you feel your progression has slowed down or even come to a complete stop. These slumps in performance are a very common occurrence for many of us, whether it be a decline in sexual health or a halt in athletic progression, such lack of performance is noticed very quickly. These slumps can be due to many different factors, whether it be changes in diet, age related, changes in environment and/or fluctuations within the body's natural hormonal balance. This is when ICARIIN 60™ comes into action, saving you from that highly frustrating downturn in your path of progression, vital for those requiring a turbo button to keep their physical and mental performance moving in the right direction.

    Product Spec

    Active Ingredients 300mg - Standardized 60% icariin Strength Horny Goat Weed Extract (Epimedium Extract) Per Capsule
    Other Ingredients Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (Vegetarian Capsule Shell), Microcrystalline Cellulose
    Capsule Size 0 (Zero)
    Capsule Form

    'Vegetarian Safe' capsules: Making the product suitable for use by both vegetarians and vegans.

    'Delayed-Release' capsules: Maximizing efficacy by protecting the ingredients from stomach acids.

    Production Certificated cGMP Standards
    Per Container 90 Capsules (1 Month Supply)
    Serving Size 3 Capsules
    Suggested Use For best results, take 3 capsules daily.
    Common Uses High strength ICARIIN 60™ Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium) capsules are distinguished for being a superior sexual-health and athletic-performance enhancer; improving both blood and hormone delivery throughout the entire body (including the sex organs and muscle tissues); pursuant to increasing natural levels of both Nitric Oxide and Free (unbound) Testosterone.
    Other Information Due to its high purity rating, 60% icariin Horny Goat Weed extract is also frequently used as a natural stress relief remedy, antidepressant and bone health maintenance remedy (most notably in the area of osteoporosis prevention).

    Certificate of Analysis for ICARIIN 60™

    Key Features Of This Product:

    • Natural fuel for immense performance increases.
    • Significantly boosts Nitric Oxide levels.
    • Increases circulating levels of 'Free' Testosterone.
    • Provides an outstanding array of Male Sexual Health benefits including improved erectile function, increased sex drive.
    • Improves energy and oxygen supply to the muscles.
    • Reduces muscle fatigue.
    • Promotes gains in lean muscle mass.
    • Improves both physical and mental stamina.